Pedro Grains Sagl

Via Pru La 13 – 7746 – Le Prese (Switzerland)

Office +41 81 8465117

dr.Ing. Andrea +41 787 206125 - Sergio +41 78 7510977

Anita +41 78 6128477 - Skype : Pedro-Grains

P.IVA/VAT: CHE-288.272.254

Who We Are

Pedro Grains Sagl is a brokerage company which provides raw materials, agricultural, logistic support and advice on the execution of the contracts.

We operate in the European market since 1945.

We are members of the Grain Association in Italy (Milan, Bologna and Genova) and in Europe (Vienna).

Our headquarter in Switzerand allow us to get all connections with all firms through Europe.

Prodotti Trattati


Wheat, Corn, Barley, Triticale,

Durum Wheat, Oats, Sorghum, Rye and

by-products like Bran.

Oil Seeds

Soybean, Sunflower Seeds, Rapeseeds, Pea, Favino

Lineseed and by-products.

Extraction Flour and Oil

Soybean Flour, standard and high-proteic, OGM-free,

Rapemeal, Sunflowerseeds flour, standard and high-proteic, oils crude and refined

Mais Paraccay, Mais Kulli (Morado), Mais Quellochullpi, Mais Yawar, Mais Quello, Mais Oqueto, Mais Pucasacsa, Mais Chuspi, Mais Kallhua, Mais Granadilla, Mais Kosni, Mais Pucasencca, Mais Chaminco, Mais Yuraqsacsa, Mais Urpiruntu, Mais Misasara, Mais Konfitis, Mais Capuli, Kiwicha, Quinoa, Ccanihua, Chia, Huayruru, Tarwi, Arbejas, Lenteja, Pallar, Frejol, Habas.

Animal Feed Byproducts

Beet Pulp, by-products of corn and wheat, DDGS.

Refined Flour

Soft Wheat Flour, Durum Wheat Flour,

Flour for foods and for feeds (corn flour).

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